Microbial Risks

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Microorganisms come in varying shapes and sizes, from very small virus particles to larger yeasts and molds.  Many can be beneficial, but some can spoil food, taint water systems and contaminate equipment resulting in inefficiencies. 

Pathogens present a more serious microbial risk since they are hazardous microorganisms with the potential to cause disease in humans and/or animals, resulting in food safety and public health concerns.  Valid preventive controls are needed to manage possible issues with pathogens.  Ecolab brings you in-depth technical information about a number of pathogens to acquaint you with these risks, their transmission routes and how they can be controlled.



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What is MERS?
May 19, 2014
CDC Encourages Reporting of Suspected Foodborne Illness
September 19, 2014

CDC Encourages Reporting of Suspected Foodborne Illness

The CDC encourages reporting of suspected foodborne illnesses to avoid an epidemic.

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EcoSure Food Safety Monitor | June 2014
June 30, 2014

EcoSure Food Safety Monitor | June 2014

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