Stainblaster™ Stain Management

StainBlaster from Ecolab provides professional stain-fighting performance for your professional operation. Stained and soiled linens come out cleaner, whiter and softer the first time, helping to both protect your linen investment and reduce your need for linen replacement.

StainBlaster Stain Management

Why choose StainBlaster?
  • Higher level of clean for a higher level of guest satisfaction
  • Stains are the #1 cause for linen replacement
  • Many solutions to tackle the most common soils and stains

Contact an Ecolab representative today to learn more about the various products that can treat tough stains and enhance your laundry operations.

StainBlaster™ Grease Remover - Multipurpose

StainBlaster treats the most difficult stains:

  • Tar
  • Crayon
  • Greasy Rags
  • Motor Oil
  • Ink
  • Pizza
  • Blood
  • Lipstick
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Ecolab StainBlaster™ Brochure
July 29, 2015

Ecolab StainBlaster™ Brochure

Read about how to help optimize laundry cost and performance with StainBlaster.

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