Asset Integrity

Increasing profitability goes hand-in-hand with minimizing the delays and costs associated with equipment and asset failure. We bring to the table decades of proven experience in asset integrity. We have unsurpassed expertise in corrosion mitigation strategies for oil and gas systems.


    • Corrosion Inhibitors – Protect your assets with a full suite of inhibitors designed to reduce corrosion-related failures in any environment
    • Biocides – Control bacteria populations in drilling, completion, production, processing and transportation operations
    • Hydrotesting & Subsea Preservation Products – Combat internal pipeline corrosion to address safety and economic concerns for various sectors of the industry
    • Encapsulated Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors – Provide controlled, long-term release of active inhibitors to maintain scale and corrosion inhibition without significant product loss and downstream system upsets
    • Combination Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors – Provide a sophisticated response to complex oilfield production problems
    • H2S gas scavengers – Remove hydrogen sulfide from process systems to improve safety, protect equipment and meet sales specifications
    • O2 Scavengers
    • Enersperse Corrosion Inhibitors –Unique treatment program, effective against downhole H2S and CO2 corrosion
    • Clean n Cor® Technology – Best-in-class corrosion inhibitor designed to simultaneously clean moderately to heavily fouled systems, prevent additional deposits and provide superior corrosion inhibition

    We pass the test

    Dynamic, high-shear testing. Static, low-shear testing. System compatibility. Corrosion and flow modeling. Specialty testing, including artificial pit testing and weld corrosion testing. We offer a comprehensive range of testing services to protect your assets and pinpoint potential problems before they impact operations.

    We never rest

    In the last 50 years, we’ve established ourselves as asset integrity experts, but we continue to place a tremendous focus on research and development with products like our ENERSPERSE inhibitors that set the standard for the industry.
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    Clean N Cor: Success On Midwest Injection Wells
    October 03, 2016

    Clean N Cor: Success On Midwest Injection Wells

    Clean N Cor® CORR11509A: Success On Midwest Injection Wells

    Download Clean N Cor: Success On Midwest Injection Wells
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