Gas Treatment

Effective removal of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from gas isn’t just a compliance issue; it’s a critical step in improving safety, protecting equipment and meeting sales specifications. Nalco Champion is an industry leader in providing H2S gas scavengers. We’ve long been a trusted name in gas treatment, producing a variety of oil- and water-soluble formulations to address virtually every situation you’ll encounter in the field.


Our capabilities can be applied in numerous areas, including:

  • Direct Injection
  • UltraFab H2S Removal Solutions
  • Offshore Umbilical Certified
  • Combination Products
  • Multiple Chemical Technologies including Triazine and Non-Amine

UltraFab Equipment Solutions

Maintain on-spec production, reduce total cost of operation and improve safety with a turnkey UltraFab equipment solution. UltraFab modular systems effectively treat a wide range of gas flow rates and H2S concentrations while eliminating costly chemical over-treatment. The proprietary one-pass, non-recirculating process continuously monitors H2S concentration and manages chemical injection to optimize system efficiency and minimize chemical usage.



Batch or continual treatment

Currently, natural gas sales specifications restrict H2S levels to less than 4 parts per million. We have the people, products and equipment you need to meet increasingly stringent guidelines. Our batch process treatment capabilities remove virtually all H2S from tanks. Or, if you’re looking to simply meet sales specifications, our continuous injection capabilities provide a cost-effective solution.

Let’s keep it clean

Protecting the environment has always been a top priority for us. While removing H2S from gas creates a host of benefits, it can also create an amine component that can raise the pH levels of water in gas stream. Let us help you avoid unwanted scale formation, and in the process protect both your equipment and the environment.

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