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We understand the importance of keeping pests out of your hotel. All it takes is a single incident to put your reputation at risk. Most hotel-goers might never return if they encounter a mouse, a cockroach or a bed bug. The experts at Ecolab will give you peace of mind in keeping your property free of pests.

Protect Your Brand and Improve Guest Satisfaction

We service many of the top hotels and resorts along with thousands of small to medium locations across the world. Our professional and discrete Service Specialists will deliver consistent results and provide the insight to you and your staff on how to keep your property pest free. We invest significantly in research and development to provide the most effective, science-based solutions against pests.

Mosquitoes and Zika Virus

Partner with Ecolab for a comprehensive three-step program to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and proactively reduce the risk of mosquito bites.

Bed Bug Expertise

Ecolab is the authority on bed bugs. Our in-house team of entomologists and chemists have developed a proven science-based, multiple inspection and treatment service to assure active infestations are identified and eliminated.

HotelProtect Pest Elimination

Our HotelProtect program gives you comprehensive protection against your most common pests and provides proactive options for bed bugs.  Choose the level of service to meet your needs – Base Program, Premium Program, or Premium Plus.
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Zika Virus Infographic
July 28, 2016

Zika Virus Infographic

Infographic explaining Zika Virus - the mosquito-borne disease

Mosquito Program Brochure
May 20, 2016

Mosquito Program Brochure

Ecolab's Mosquito Program is an integrated pest management approach that minimize the risk of mosquito...

Download Mosquito Program Brochure
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Ecolab Pest Elimination serves the Hospitality, Foodservice, Food & Beverage, Food Retail, and Healthcare industries, as well as Government, Educational and other Commercial facilities.

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