Fluid Solidification in the OR

Surgical Staff Protection

Ecolab offers a full line of solutions to help contain the risk of hazardous biological fluids and to remove smoke and other contaminants from the air.
Note: Medical devices advertised here may not have been licensed in accordance with regional regulations or country specific (e.g. Canadian) laws.

Isolyser Fluid Waste Solidification

Isolyser fluid waste solidifier helps reduce risk and increases protection for medical staff and patients by minimizing spilling, aerosolizing and infectious splashing of biohazardous fluids in suction canisters, basins and kick buckets. This solidifier reduces emptying and cleaning of collection units and transportation of biohazardous waste in fluid form.

Isolyser LTS-Plus with Saf-T-Top

EPA-registered* solidifier formulated for point-of-generation encapsulation and antimicrobial treatment of medical fluid waste. This product is approved for landfill disposal in many states.*

*Contact your Ecolab account manager for approved state details.


Isosorb Solidifier with Saf-T-Top

Isosorb Solidifier encapsulates blood, blood components and fluids with a wide range of pH and electrolyte concentrations and the closed system helps eliminate the opening of pour spout on most suction canisters.

*Contact your Ecolab account manager for approved state details.



Iso-Quick achieves efficient fluid waste solidification using an economical flat screw cap, allowing solidifier to be poured directly into receptacles.

EPA reg. no 1677-229
*Contact your Ecolab account manager for approved state details.

**Not for use as an EPA-registered medical antimicrobial treatment.


Stackhouse VitalVac
Smoke Evacuator

VitalVac™ is an adjustable flow rate smoke evacuation system that provides efficient plume removal during surgical procedures. It utilizes an exclusive microchip technology to sense filter capacity, eliminating unnecessary filter changes and reducing cost per procedure.
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