Water Reuse & Recycling

As demands for better water stewardship increase throughout the world, so, too, will the needs for managing this precious resource in industrial operations. This includes a number of activities, including having a better understanding of all the uses of water throughout an industrial complex and conserving water when appropriate; finding innovative ways to treat single or combined wastewater streams; as well as recycling of water to improve water and energy efficiency.

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Water Usage & Conservation

Nalco understands all of the uses of water within an industrial complex.  From water for utilities to facility management to process applications, Nalco has essential expertise in understanding water and its impacts on your operations.  Nalco has proprietary knowledge and tools to increase customers’ awareness of water usage in either an individual facility or across several facilities.  Additionally, we document best practices across several regions and industries to benchmark consumption and also to identify key areas for conserving water and energy. 

Point Source vs End of Pipe Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater treatment has traditionally been viewed typically as “end of pipe,” or as one combined stream.  However, because Nalco takes a holistic approach to integrated water system management, we identify innovative ways to isolate and treat particular waste streams.  This could mean implementation of one or more different wastewater treatment methodologies (primary, secondary, and tertiary) in one or more appropriate locations within a facility.  The end result is to minimize capital investment, operational cost, and environmental liability.

Water System Reuse and Recycling
As water resources become more and more constrained, so too will the need to identify appropriate methodologies to reuse existing water flows within a facility.  To be successful in this endeavor, this requires an advanced knowledge of water quality requirements in various operations, as well as the best in class technologies to provide these prescribed water quality requirements.  Nalco utilizes a combination of a practical engineering approach and hands-on knowledge of system operation to design, build, operate and/or maintain the optimal reuse solution for each application and customer.

It is this holistic approach that allows Nalco to be the leader in integrated water management.

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